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Holy Family School, Cootehill, Co. Cavan

Happy Easter 🐰🐣

22nd Mar 2024

We have finally made it to our Easter Break!! We have been working so hard that we are well ready for the rest and of course some Easter eggs from the Easter bunny! 🐰 This week in numeracy, we further explored numbers through workstation tasks, teachers table activities and at circle time PLU 5, 2.14. We also made some beautiful Easter eggs, developing our fine motor through the use of paint and pom poms PLU 5, 5.6. 🎨 Every morning we work on our life skills such as brushing our teeth, hanging up our coats and emptying our bags PLU 3, 3.4. 😁 At breaks and lunch, we participate in the care of the environment, putting our rubbish in the correct bins and helping to wash and dry the dishes PLU 4, 4.29. Everyone really enjoyed the anticipation of the Attention Autism bucket, epically stage 3 with the rain and umbrella PLU 1, 1.12. ☂️ Millie has made great progress this week and started drinking milk with her dinner! 🥛 Have a lovely Easter break everyone and well done on all of your hard work this term!! 👏🏾